Warranty and Insurance


One year warranty on labor pertaining to any issues with the workmanship of the connections and installation of equipment provided by us.
Materials, parts and equipment failures are covered by manufacturers warranty if any.
Home/property owner is responsible for immediately notifying us in the event of a failure or issue possibly related to the work performed or equipment.

Liability Insurance

Service vehicle liability insurance is included at no additional cost.

Liability insurance on labor is available to purchase on a case to case basis in order to keep hourly labor rates low for those who do not require or cannot afford it.
Liability insurance protection is available at the following rates:
Invoice amount under $15,000.00 .......$1000.00 per invoice/job/service call.
Invoice amount between $15,000.00 thru $30,000.00 ......$2500.00 per invoice/job/project.
Invoice amount over $30,000.00 ........$5,500.00 and up per invoice/contract/job/project, depending on job specifics.
Insurance must be pre-paid up front before order is made and work is scheduled.
Please allow 2-3 business days for insurance carrier coverage confirmation.

Workers Compensation Insurance

Currently only the owner performs labor as technician and there are no persons considered as hired employees working for Expert System Services LLC.
In the event that your project requires additional personnel or is required to have workers compensation insurance, the additional cost/charge for workers compensation insurance will be determined at the time of the examination of project specific details and variables that effect pricing.