Customer Acknowledgement and Agreement

When Requesting or Accepting Service(s), customer requests a service technician at premises or in consultaion with and acknowledges and agrees to the terms and conditions of service as follows:

Customer is to provide service technician safe access to premises to perform duties and adequate space for accommodating service technicians vehicle and equipment.
Customer is also responsible for providing a chemically and biologically safe environment, free of all contamination hazards as well as securing pets, persons, and any possessions that may pose a danger to service technician, their tools, materials and effects.
Customer must provide service technician with non-obstructed, accessible, safe, uncluttered and timely access to work area.
Failure to provide aforementioned conditions will result in an additional time charge to any price quote/agreement to correct working conditions.

Customer agrees to pay for in full, current labor rate, materials and all other applicable charges necessary to perform/provide services. Payment in full is due immediately before departure of service technician from the work premises at conclusion of service call and/or completion of agreed duties.
Payment shall be made in person onsite by check, cash, crypto-currency or by credit card thru paypal to
Payments made thru paypal will be charged an additional five percent processing fee.
If customer is unable to and/or does not produce complete payment or pays with check that lacks sufficient funds, customer agrees to pay a late/deferred payment fee of thirty dollars per day until full balance due and late/deferment fees are paid in full.
If service technician has to wait around for payment or track down/meet customer elsewhere for payment, customer agrees to pay current hourly rate until payment is made to technician. Customer also agrees to pay for all costs including but not limited to legal and hourly resources incurred to execute collection efforts to procure payment in full.
Service technician may request a partial down payment or payment in full before performing work. If customer declines service at time of arrival to premises or cancels scheduled appointment for any reason, customer agrees to pay the minimum service call arrival fee to be determined at that time according to current rate chart.
Customers that make payments by check that are returned for insufficient funds will be charged a three hundred dollar process fee as well as the additional late/deferred payment fees.